Ditch inflammatory oils
October 14, 2022

Ditch inflammatory oils

Combat inflammation, embrace nourishing fats, find quality olive oil and store nuts properly.

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For Happy Hormones, Ditch These Inflammatory Oils

Here at Beeya, it’s no surprise we believe in using food as medicine. Nutrition is key for longevity, hormone balance, stable energy, quality sleep, and so much more. Unfortunately, most mainstream packaged foods aren’t exactly the epitome of health. In fact, they’re responsible for a slew of chronic diseases. One of the main culprits? Inflammatory oils.

Inflammatory oils—also known as industrial seed oils—are hard to avoid. You’ll find them in everything from salad dressings and pasta sauces, to protein bars, baked goods, and potato chips. But, what are they?

Industrial seed oils are highly processed oils. They’re extracted from soybeans, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed, and safflower seeds. Unlike the fats our ancestors consumed, these oils represent an evolutionary mismatch. They’re practically devoid of nutrition. They raise our omega-6-to-omega-3 fatty acid ratio, are unstable and oxidize easily, and contain unnecessary additives. Often, they’re derived from GMOs and when repeatedly heated, they’re even more toxic.

As often as possible, crowd out inflammatory oils to make space for satiating, nourishing fats: cold-pressed olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, organic butter and ghee, and pasture-raised beef tallow—to name a few. Lastly, when shopping for plant-based fat alternatives, be mindful to read ingredient labels. You may be surprised to see sneaky industrial seed oils! For a nourishing vegan swap, Violife is our go-to.

The Furies Olive Oil

Surprisingly, finding quality olive oil can be challenging. A lot of olive oils are mixed with other oils or stored incorrectly. Our favorite is The Furies. Certified organic. Unfiltered. Small batch. Farm-to-table. What’s more to love? We can’t get enough of this stuff. Thanks to special care taken during harvest, every Furies pour is perfectly balanced. Use this antioxidant-rich oil in a variety of hormone-friendly recipes: cauli tabbouleh, lemony hummus, and pea pesto. P.s. If you haven’t drizzled olive oil on vanilla ice cream, here’s your gentle nudge.

Are you storing your nuts the right way?

As with most ingredients, nuts have a limited shelf life. Because they contain a high amount of oil, factors like heat, light, and oxygen aren’t ideal. They can turn nuts rancid, leading to a harsh, bitter taste—and in some cases, stomach woes. Store your nuts in the fridge (or freezer!) to extend their shelf life.

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