A natural way to support your hormones.

Organic superfood designed to support healthy hormones.*

Our product is inspired by the Seed Cycling method.

A natural yet powerful way to balance your hormones by eating specific nutrient-dense seeds throughout your menstrual cycle.*

Phase 1

First half of your cycle:

Estrogen Support

Phase 2

Second half of your cycle:

Progesterone Support

Beeya’s Phase 1 + Phase 2 product supports estrogen and progesterone levels throughout your cycle using targeted nutrients to bring back balance to your natural hormonal rhythm. 
How it Works

Natural, research-backed ingredients you can trust.

Sugar Free
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
3rd Party Tested
Doctor Approved
Made in USA

Real Benefits. Proven Results.*


experienced less cramps


experienced less PMS symptoms


experienced less bloating
*Based on beta results within three months of use.

What Are Signs of
Imbalanced Hormones?

Irregular Periods
Constant Bloating
Hormonal Acne
Frequent Mood Fluctuations
Low Libido
Heavy Periods
Painful Cramps
Brain Fog
Weight Gain
Difficulty Sleeping

Debilitating PMS and whacked out hormones are NOT normal.
The good news is, you don’t have to live this way.

We’re committed to supporting your journey to healthy, balanced hormones using effective whole food ingredients you trust.

Doctor Approved

Dr. Mark Hyman

MD, 14x New York Times Best Selling Author
In my practice, we always start with food because food is medicine. I love that the team at beeya has created a simple and effective product (using food) to help individuals address hormonal imbalances.

Dr. Raquel Hammonds

ND, MPH, Fertility Expert
As a huge proponent of Seed Cycling, the number one complaint I hear from patients is the difficulty of both finding the right seeds and incorporating them into their daily routine. Beeya has made the process both seamless and efficient for people looking to create the conditions for health to thrive! 

Dr. Saru Bala

ND, Hormone Expert
Seed Cycling is an easy and nutritional way of balancing hormones and restoring hormonal health that so many of my patients have benefited from. Beeya has made it easy and tasty to include this into your daily routine!

Dr. Corina Dunlap

ND, Researcher, Hormone Expert
I have witnessed the power of Seed Cycling help countless women with their hormonal concerns. Beeya has done the work to source and deliver these powerful nutrients in an easy-to-use, safe to consume (triple screened to ensure no contaminants), and absorbable form. The quality of these blends is beyond anything that currently exists on the market and I can't wait for all of my patients and women everywhere to enjoy!


Improve your period symptoms while snacking

I've been using beeya for about 4 months and so far, I've seen a significant improvement in the symptoms associated with my menstrual cycle. After the 3rd month, I didn't even notice a pimple or much bloating to the point that I forgot my period was about to start. This nutrient-dense seed blend is tasty, easy to use, and improves your PMS--what's not to love?
- Jaanki P.

Grateful for this product

Before using beeya I was struggling with intense PMDD. Migraines, writhing on the bathroom floor cramps, breast tenderness, acne and fatigue were part of my "normal" monthly experience. Since seed cycling my monthly cycle went from every 24 days to every 27 days! Thank you for saving me time and for helping me heal.
- Nina S.

Significant improvement around my period

I noticed a significant improvement in bloating, cramps & lethargy surrounding my period. These results were noticeable after just 1 month on the product and continued to improve each month thereafter. My PMDD symptoms were significantly lessened and by the third month I was having little to no mood swings, self-doubt, and anxiety/depression symptoms that I typically deal with each month.
- Natalia F.

Simply the best

Before beeya, I had been two years post hormonal birth control pills and I was experiencing relentless cystic acne & debilitating period cramps. 3 months of taking Beeya daily and my skin has completely cleared! My cramps are manageable and no longer keep me in bed all day. I am so thankful for this product. Beeya seed cycling has truly changed my life for the best!
- Ally A.

Seed cycling simplified

After 3 months of using beeya consistently, I can totally tell a difference w my period! My cramps and back pain have not been as intense (not reaching for the Advil like I used to) and I’m not as irritable as usual either! Beeya has been a super easy way to support my cycle, naturally.
- Jessi H.

Made by women who understand.

At beeya, we believe that food is medicine and can profoundly influence our health and wellbeing. We are committed to natural and effective solutions that help bring the body back into balance and move from hormonal disarray to harmony. Our Story