Made by women who understand.

As we started to open up to each other about our health journeys and talking to women about their challenges with hormonal imbalances, we realized there is a huge problem that no one is talking about.

Rampant hormonal imbalances are not normal, yet almost everyone experiences them. So often, women are given birth control, pain medication, or told that they might have difficulty conceiving without looking at all of the lifestyle and nutritional factors that contribute to hormonal havoc.

We realized that it was time to do something about this epidemic of hormonal imbalances in an affordable, accessible, and natural way. And that’s why we created beeya - to offer a food-based approach to whole-body health. - Yasmin & Kaya, co-founders

We’re on a mission to help women feel healthy 
and empowered every single day.

Our Values


We believe in education & creating awareness around women’s health.

You deserve to understand what’s going on with your body. We are committed to providing education about women’s health and hormonal imbalances in a way that is digestible, honest, and accessible to all.


We believe in creating products with integrity.

We will always be fully transparent about our ingredients, testing, and research. No crap; only real ingredients.


We believe in making an impact with our voices and resources.

We believe in empowering women in every aspect of their lives — from health to business. We’ve allocated a portion of our revenue to provide grants for women who create change and make an impact. Interested? Email us here


We believe in you.

We are focused on creating the best possible experience for our community. We believe that everyone deserves their best health, and we are committed to seeing you through your journey to balanced, happy hormones.


Yasmin Nouri


Kaya Purohit


Dr. Corina Dunlap, ND, Researcher

Medical Advisor