Skipping Breakfast Can Mess with Your Hormones
March 04, 2022

Skipping Breakfast Can Mess with Your Hormones

Skipping meals, esp. breakfast is a recipe for disaster. Here's why.

Sometimes your mornings are really hectic and sitting down for a meal when you have so much to get done feels impossible. So maybe you grab a protein bar or skip breakfast altogether.
Or maybe you’re skipping breakfast on purpose, thinking it will help you lose weight. 
No matter what your intentions (or lack thereof), skipping meals, especially breakfast is a recipe for disaster. 
When you skip meals, your body registers it as a minor emergency and releases your stress-hormone cortisol. Chronic high levels of cortisol cause the body to gain and store extra weight, especially in the abdominal region.¹
Not only that, but cortisol can affect your blood sugar leading to insulin resistance, which can cause a host of serious health issues from diabetes to PCOS.²
Cortisol can also be responsible for increased estrogen dominance which can seriously mess with your cycle, causing more severe PMS symptoms and even irregular periods.
Thyroid function is susceptible to disruption as well since cortisol inhibits the part of your brain that releases thyroid hormones.
Skipping meals can also mess with your hunger cue hormones leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is your satiety hormone that tells your brain when your body feels full.
Leptin levels decrease when you suppress your food intake, leading to hunger and cravings later in the day. Ghrelin is your hunger hormone, and it increases the longer you go between meals, increasing the likelihood of overeating when you finally do eat.
So basically, breakfast is a must.
We recommend planning and prepping your meals ahead of time, and making sure your day has time set aside for eating balanced, nutrient-dense meals and snacks, like beeya.
If that means getting up earlier, do it. Don’t leave it up to chance when it comes to eating well! 
We know it’s hard to add one more thing to your plate (literally and figuratively), so here are some easy recipes that won’t wreck your morning rhythm.
These will keep you full and satisfied so you’re ready to tackle your day with happy, balanced hormones.
  1. Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Eggs, and Goat Cheese. Sure you can always make plain scrambled eggs, but mixing in some herbs, cheese, and a bit of tomato takes them to the next level without making the recipe time-consuming.
  2. Gluten-Free Granola. Whip up a batch of this super easy, gluten-free granola to make your morning meals stress-free. Sprinkle it on top of yogurt along with a scoop of beeya's seed cycling blend and you’ve got breakfast covered with less than a minute’s worth of prep. Add a handful of berries for an added boost of antioxidants.
  3. Tropical Green Smoothie. There’s no easier way to start your day off on the right foot than with a nutrient-packed green smoothie. This one includes leafy greens and plenty of good fats to keep you satiated throughout your morning. It’s perfect for those days when you have to rush out the door and need a meal you can savor on the go.
  4. Chocolate Baked Oatmeal. This one takes a bit more prep, but you can make it on the weekend and enjoy a slice on those manic weekday mornings by simply reheating and topping with a few slices of fresh banana and a sprinkle of seeds. Breakfast is served!
Getting back in the habit of eating breakfast might be challenging at first, but it's well worth the effort to help keep your hormones balanced.
With a little planning and some easy prep work, you can easily add this vital meal into your daily routine.