How to boost your energy without coffee
June 14, 2024

How to boost your energy without coffee

Holistic tips for lasting energy and balance.

POV: It’s 2 p.m. and the afternoon slump hits hard. In turn, you pour yourself a cold brew, reach for a fistful of chocolate, and back to your desk you go. Sound familiar?

While caffeine provides a convenient energy boost, too much reliance has consequences—particularly as it pertains to hormonal balance. With that in mind, we come armed with easy, holistic and creative tips to naturally increase your energy levels. Work smarter, not harder, to improve your daily vitality.

What causes the afternoon slump?

Most of us are familiar with a post-lunch dip in stamina. Attentiveness wanes and the couch calls (especially if lunch isn’t balanced!). But from a physiological standpoint, we’re wired to feel this energy shift. Our bodies naturally follow a daily rhythm—the circadian rhythm—that affects our energy. Come mid-afternoon, our circadian rhythm signals a drop in alertness. This leads to that routine feeling of drowsiness. But good news: there are tried-and-true alternatives to enhancing your daily energy stores, without chugging more caffeine.

5 holistic ways to improve your energy

1️⃣ Embrace morning sunlight

Start your day by soaking up the morning sun (even if it’s overcast!). Exposure to sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, which can improve your sleep-wake cycle. It also boosts your mood. Even just 10-15 minutes of morning sunlight can make a big difference. Try taking your morning coffee or tea outside, or if you can, go for a short walk around your neighborhood and listen to your favorite podcast

2️⃣ Hydrate with herbal infusions

Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue, so keep yourself well-hydrated and add electrolytes if needed. Herbs like peppermint, ginger and lemon balm not only hydrate but also offer natural energy-boosting properties. When energy is low, we also love taking nutrient-rich wellness shots! These caffeine-free options provide a refreshing way to stay alert throughout the day.

3️⃣ Move your body—mindfully

Incorporate gentle, mindful movement into your daily routine. Activities like yoga, a quick set of squats and lunges, a 5-minute dance break, or a brisk walk do wonders for blood circulation and releasing endorphins, the body's natural energy boosters. Additionally, rather than trying to fit in an hour-long session at the gym, break up your movement into “movement snacks” throughout the day. Not only does this feel more doable than a longer workout, but it’s better for blood sugar regulation too!

4️⃣ Power up with nutrient-rich snacks

Opt for snacks that are rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep your energy steady. Nuts, seeds, fruits and hard-boiled eggs are our go-to. These snacks provide sustained energy without the crashes associated with sugary treats. Prepare a small snack pack to keep with you for a quick energy boost. What we’re currently reaching for: wildberry protein muffins, raspberry cheesecake cups and no-bake brownie bark.

5️⃣ Practice deep breathing techniques

No surprise that stress and shallow breathing are energy drainers. Combat this by practicing deep breathing exercises. Make this a non-negotiable part of your afternoon! Techniques like diaphragmatic breathing or the 4-7-8 method can help reduce stress and increase oxygen flow to your brain, revitalizing your energy levels. 

For happy hormones, why is it important to find alternatives to caffeine?

We all know that caffeine is a quick fix for fatigue, but over-reliance can easily disrupt hormonal balance. High caffeine intake increases cortisol levels (our stress hormone), which can lead to a cascade of hormonal imbalances—affecting everything from your sleep quality to your metabolism.

Additionally, excessive caffeine can interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep, leading to poor sleep quality and further fatigue. Not to mention, high caffeine consumption can exacerbate symptoms of PMS—as well as menopause—due to its impact on estrogen.

Ready to feel more energized?

By incorporating these easy, holistic, and simple hacks into your daily routine, you can enjoy sustained energy without the negative side effects of caffeine. Remember, your body will thrive when you honor its natural rhythms and needs. Here's to a more balanced you!