Ancient wisdom for spring wellness
April 19, 2024

Ancient wisdom for spring wellness

Ayurveda & TCM tips for happy hormones.

Spring into happy hormones

As the world wakes up in spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your wellness routine with the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These ancient systems offer invaluable insight for feeling our best by embracing the changing seasons.

And you may already be instinctively craving these subtle shifts…

Rise with the sun:

Begin your day early and align your body to nature’s rhythm. Getting outside for at least 5 minutes of sunlight on your face can have major benefits for your metabolism, hormones and sleep. This habit alone offers powerful upgrades for your health, don’t sleep on this one!

Spring clean your nutrition:

In Ayurveda, spring is dominated by Kapha—a dense, wet and cold energetic. To balance these qualities, eat more light, warm, and dry foods. For extra hormone nourishment, we’ll be adding a scoop of our seed cycling blends to spring recipes like these No-Bake Lemon Bars and Green Shakshuka Eggs.

Embrace creativity:

Many ancient traditions see this season as a time of creativity as nature brings new color and growth. Tap into the energy of new beginnings by taking action on those projects you’ve been dreaming up. This could look like trying a new hormone-friendly recipe or painting your walls a fresh hue.

Nature walks:

Get fresh air and connect with nature on a mindful walk. Stop to smell the blooming flowers, notice how the birds sing and put your feet on the ground to feel centered amidst the change in your environment. You can even add in gentle exercises like yoga and qigong to help winter stagnation move through.

Seasonal refresh:

Give your detox pathways a little extra care as recommended in eastern medicine traditions. Consider fasting with your cycle, incorporating liver supporting herbs like milk thistle (always talk to a doctor be, dry brush to get your lymph moving, spend time in the sauna, and eat plenty of fresh foods like leafy greens, spring berries and fiber-rich seeds to keep your digestion regular.