Why you should be working out with your cycle
October 07, 2022

Why you should be working out with your cycle

Exercise smart, adjust to your cycle, try HIIT, and embrace movement for happy hormones.

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Exercise 101

On a spectrum of 0-10 (0 = couch potato; 10 = exercise kween), where are you? When it comes to moving your body, there’s a sweet spot. Not moving your body isn’t beneficial for hormonal health, but neither is overdoing it. In fact, if you’re hitting the gym for hours at a time and have suddenly lost your period (or it’s very irregular), it could be a sign that you’re training too hard. Overexercising—especially without proper caloric intake—can negatively impact the female menstrual cycle. We recommend consulting with a nutritionist or healthcare provider to ensure your diet supports your exercise regime.

Now, if you’re in a season where exercise isn’t a priority, let’s change that!

Ideally, you want to aim for about 3.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise, per week. Trust—this is doable! Start with a goal to hit 3.5 hours of movement over the course of seven days. Once you’re able to stick with that, you can create an exercise routine that flows with your cycle:


There’s no scientific evidence to suggest you shouldn’t exercise while you’re on your period. Rather than suffer through high-intensity exercise, focus on what feels most nourishing. Most women prefer yoga, swimming, walking, pilates, and low-volume strength training while on their cycle.


Hormone levels are starting to rise. Energy begins to pick up, and you’ll feel more confident and social. Estrogen is an anabolic hormone (meaning it helps things grow!), so we are at our strongest during this phase. Opt for strength training or endurance exercise.


Estrogen peaks, and most women feel vibrant and sensual during this phase. Use this to your advantage! Up your cardio by taking a HIIT class or circuit train.


Progesterone is on the rise. This is our fat-burning, temperature-regulating hormone. Consider this your de-load week. Aim for higher volume / reps and lower weights, rather than heavy strength training. As energy levels decline, reduce exercise intensity and switch to relaxing movements like walking, yoga and pilates.

30 minute HIIT workout

Get ready to sweat with this heart-pumping, fast-paced workout. If you’re in your follicular or ovulatory phase, this is a burner. No equipment needed.

Hot girl walk

This is more than just a TikTok trend. A 10-minute walk has the power to manage blood sugar, aid in digestion, and support healthy hormones. When we’re active, our muscles process glucose (sugar) like workhorses. This supports proper testosterone and estrogen levels. Hello, happy hormones! Can’t go outside? Walk up and down your stairs for a few minutes, do a short series of squats, dance in your living room, etc. Anything to get your blood flowing! Don’t let concerns about timing, intensity, and duration stop you from making an effort. Any type of movement—rather than spending hours sitting at your desk—helps build a habit to support metabolic health.

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