Unleash your inner flame
August 04, 2023

Unleash your inner flame

Understanding libido’s influences, shifts & solutions.

The sexy truth about libido

It’s time to tap into the power of desire—a world of pleasure at your fingertips. Say hello to your libido! The fiery spark that compels us to embrace intimate experiences, our libido is a force to be reckoned with. Whether yours is low, high, or somewhere in between, we’re diving into all things libido.

What is libido?

Often referred to as our sexual drive (or appetite), libido is an enigmatic force. It’s where sensuality and satisfaction intertwine. By definition, libido refers to our overall sexual drive—or interest in engaging in sexual activity. But it’s not linear. Instead, libido encompasses the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of sexual desire.

What influences libido?

Because we’re bio individuals, everyone’s libido is different. And it’s influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. Think: hormones, health, stress levels, age, and relationship dynamics. To dig into this a bit deeper, hormonal changes—such as fluctuations in testosterone or estrogen levels—can impact sexual desire. Psychological factors, including stress, anxiety, depression, and body image issues, can also play a significant role. Lastly, everything from lifestyle choices to personal experiences can shape your libido. 

How does libido shift throughout the menstrual cycle?

Notice a heightened sexual desire when you’re ovulating? This is no coincidence! Thanks to fluctuating hormones, a woman's libido naturally shifts throughout her cycle. As estrogen levels rise during the follicular phase, so does libido. And this heightened libido continues into the ovulatory phase (when estrogen and testosterone levels peak). Following ovulation, during the luteal phase, progesterone levels rise, and some women experience a decrease in libido. In other words, most women don’t have a strong libido all the time.

What does low libido mean?

If you feel like your libido is chronically low, don’t fret. It’s common—and, fortunately—there are ways to improve it. Low libido in women is often referred to as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. And it’s a condition characterized by a persistent lack of interest in sexual activity. It’s influenced by a range of factors, including hormonal imbalances, psychological issues, relationship difficulties, certain medications, and underlying health conditions. Addressing the underlying causes (via professional guidance) is the first step in overcoming low libido.

Flourless dark chocolate brownies

Chocolate and libido, a match made in heaven. Did you know that chocolate contains certain compounds that can have physiological and psychological effects, which may indirectly contribute to an enhanced libido? If you needed an excuse to bake these flourless dark chocolate brownies, this is it. Remember, pleasure comes in many forms—including a dessert that satisfies all your senses.

A few favorites from this week.

Chocolate Coconut Crunch

Some more libido loving recipes! Chocolate Coconut Crunch featuring beeya seeds.

Avocado Chocolate Truffles

Healthy fats from avocados, chocolate, and beeya seeds in this Avocado Chocolate Truffles recipe. It’s great for your hormones and your sex drive.

How to naturally increase your libido

Yes, restoring a fulfilling and satisfying sexual life is possible! These are our top tips:

  • Exercise regularly. Engaging in physical activity regularly can boost circulation, improve energy levels, and promote a positive body image, all of which can contribute to a healthier libido.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Consuming a nutritious diet—rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables—provides the body with essential nutrients to support hormone production and overall sexual health.
  • Manage stress. Unfortunately, high stress levels can dampen sexual desire. Incorporating stress-reduction techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga, or engaging in hobbies can help alleviate stress and promote a more relaxed state, potentially enhancing libido.
  • Get quality sleep. Prioritizing quality sleep is crucial for overall well-being, including sexual health. Sufficient rest helps regulate hormone levels and promotes energy levels and mood, positively impacting libido.
  • Communicate with your partner. While it may be nerve-wracking, establishing open and honest communication with your partner about sexual desires, needs, and concerns can foster a supportive and understanding environment. This will help you address any issues affecting libido, together!
  • Create an intimate environment. Dim the lights, turn on a sexy playlist, take a bath, and create an environment for relaxation and intimacy.
  • Consider herbal supplements. Certain herbs and supplements—such as maca, ginseng, and fenugreek—have been used to enhance libido. However, consult with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement routine.

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