Science-backed tools to support your hormones
December 30, 2022

Science-backed tools to support your hormones

Empower yourself with science-backed tools for hormone balance and holistic wellness, supporting your body and mind on your hormone healing journey.

New year, more balanced hormones

Call us cliché, but we love the start of a new year. With it, comes a beautiful, blank canvas. Best of all, it’s yours to paint. Particularly when it comes to wellness, the start of the year beckons a revamp. It’s an opportunity to uplevel your current routine or simply get back to the basics. Do you want to be more consistent with taking your supplements? Hone in hormone balance? Focus on eating more fiber? The sky’s the limit. That said, studies show that a whopping 91% of us won’t actually follow through with our intentions. This isn’t a total surprise, but it’s also not particularly encouraging. That’s where we can help.

In 2023—and beyond—we want to empower you to approach your wellness goals with science-backed tools (rather than what's in vogue). If hormone balance is top of mind, we have you covered. Without further ado, below are simple ways you can support your hormones this year. Hormone health isn’t just a trend. It’s a lifestyle. And here at beeya, we’re more than just a seed cycling company. In more ways than one, we’re here to support your hormone healing journey in the new year.

1. Eat To Nourish, Not Deprive

As women, most of us aren’t eating enough. Unfortunately, we’ve been jaded by weight loss articles, misinformed by social media influencers, and taught restrictive habits from family members. Over time, this causes irregular (or completely absent) periods, fertility issues, and other hormonal woes. Are you eating enough? Take a look at these signs you may be under-fueling. Nourishing your body with enough food in 2023—and the right kinds of ingredients—is key for hormone health. Of course, this includes seed cycling, too!

2. Remove Toxins

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid toxins. They’re in everything. These endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) mimic, block, or interfere with our hormones. Once they’re in our bodies, they can disrupt our endocrine system. Luckily, it’s possible to limit endocrine disruptors! Make it a 2023 goal. Where to begin? Your household cleaning products. Determine if they’re worth keeping or need to be swapped to something cleaner. The Environmental Working Group has a fantastic database to check your products!

3. De-Stress

Although stress is inevitable, let’s make 2023 the year we minimize prolonged periods of stress. After all, stress impacts our hormones. In fact, research shows that chronic (prolonged) stress can cause cortisol and adrenaline to remain elevated, causing a cascade of consequences. To combat stress, we recommend guided meditations, and there are plenty of them on YouTube. Here’s one of our favorites.

4. Support Your Liver

Liver health may not be top of mind, but we need an optimal liver to support our hormones. After all, a sluggish liver isn’t able to properly remove estrogen. You can support your liver a couple of ways! Along with minimizing alcohol, focus on keeping blood sugar balanced. Consuming too much glucose can disrupt the liver’s ability to naturally regulate blood sugar levels. When in doubt, pair complex carbs (sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, rice, etc.) with protein (hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, deli turkey, tempeh, etc.) and / or fat (seeds, avocado, olives, full-fat cheese, etc.). Fiber is also crucial for liver health!

Cottage cheese power toast

A light lunch or hearty snack, this cottage cheese power toast is the best of all worlds: it’s crunchy, creamy, savory, and so satisfying. Here’s the recipe from our friend, Edie! Packed with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs, it’s a home run for hormones. When possible, choose organic dairy and gluten. If you’re sensitive to gluten, use your favorite gluten-free bread. Not a fan of cottage cheese? Use crumbled goat cheese, fried halloumi, or a non-dairy alternative.

Self-care is a goal

Properly setting goals comes down to this: less is more. Choose 1-2 intentions for the new year. Why are these important to you? Why do they matter? How will you feel in 2024 if you hold steady to these intentions? Journal your responses. Once you get clear on what those intentions are, and why they’re important, do one small thing today to get the ball rolling. If your intention is to be kinder to your body this year, take a few minutes to lay on the floor, put your hand on your belly, and feel its softness rise and fall. Notice what feelings or thoughts arise.

Ultimately, when we prioritize self-care as a goal, we live and breathe the essence of true well-being. As you create your goals for 2023, consider the tools and intentions that will help you build a life that centers on caring for your mind and body. Because the more you pour into yourself, the more you can give to others.

Lastly, consider meaningful changes that add up—rather than overhaul everything at once. How to do this? Schedule time for things that matter: meal prep, joyful movement, mediation, a date with a friend, etc. Remember, sustainable goal-setting requires commitment. Use your Google Calendar to hold you accountable. Eventually, your intention(s) will become second nature.

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