3 Mocktail Recipes for Dry January
January 12, 2024

3 Mocktail Recipes for Dry January

Something to sip on…

Making conscious choices around our lifestyle, including alcohol consumption, can impact our hormonal health in a really big way. Women are 2x more susceptible to the repercussions of alcohol than men thanks to our physiological differences. If you didn’t know, now you know. Let’s dive in a little further…

Women’s bodies naturally contain less water and more fat than men’s (most likely for childbearing). Since water dilutes alcohol and fat retains it, women’s organs are exposed to higher concentrations of alcohol for longer periods of time. Women also have less alcohol dehydrogenase than men, the enzyme responsible for breaking down alcohol before it reaches the bloodstream. Dose for dose, women’s blood alcohol levels will always be higher than men’s. To contextualize this, the impact of ONE drink for a woman is equivalent to TWO drinks for a man.

On top of this, alcohol can disrupt our sleep, elevate stress hormones, lead to higher estrogen levels and contribute to cramps as it increases prostaglandins and inflammation.

Now, let's explore alternatives that not only spare you from the potential hormonal impact of alcohol but also offer health benefits…

🍊 Sleepytime Magnesium Mocktail

A delicious combination of sleep supporting ingredients, think chamomile tea, tart cherry and beeyavibe, our triple magnesium blend. Full recipe here.
🍓 Strawberry Mint Mojito Mocktail

A refreshing concoction bursting with the essence of lime, mint, and juicy strawberries. Full recipe here.

🍍 Raspberry Colada Mocktail

For nights when a glass of sparkling water just won’t cut it. Full recipe here.

With recipes like these, you can enjoy moments of fun drinks without compromising your hormone balance or overall health. If you’re looking to drink less, or not at all, join us for Dry January on our Instagram, with extra support in our private Facebook community—we’d love to see you there.

Our favorite mocktail ingredient

Want to know how to make the easiest night cap in the world?! All it takes is ONE scoop of our triple-blend magnesium, beeyavibe, in a glass of water for a lightly sweetened beverage to support deeper sleep, reduced PMS symptoms, better digestion, less anxiety and so much more. Check out beeyavibe here!