BTS at our Harvard Business School talk
May 03, 2024

BTS at our Harvard Business School talk

Empowering wellness from Harvard to your home with beeya.

Come with us to Harvard Business School

From lemonade stands to starting an online magazine at age 9 (that actually had over 3,000 subscribers!), our co-founder Yasmin always knew she wanted to continue her entrepreneurial journey. Building beeya with her sister-in-law and now co-founder, Kaya, has been a major fulfillment of that dream. You can imagine our excitement when beeya was invited to speak at Harvard Business School’s Health and Wellness Club to share about our work and mission!

We hope you don’t mind if we share a few “pinch me” moments from our trip…

But first, snacks! We brought good ones

No adventure is complete without a good snack lineup. We all know how limited airport food options can be when stable blood sugar and happy hormones are the goal. To feel energetic and clear minded for our presentation, we grabbed our favorite snacks for the road—including our favorite beef sticks and paleo chocolates. Check out everything we brought in this Instagram post!

Empowering new leaders through hormone education

To be in a room full of brilliant young people, who asked incredible questions and showed real enthusiasm about using food as medicine, was highly motivating for us. We wish we understood how our hormones impact our focus, energy, mood and how to nourish them through food and lifestyle when we were in school.

On a mission to help women feel their best


We are excited to support women in feeling their best so they too can build their dream businesses and lives. It all starts nourishing our cyclical bodies, and we’re committed to making it easy. Learn how we do it with seed cycling to support less PMS symptoms, cramps, bloating, acne, fatigue, hot flashes, migraines, insomnia and more!

For a mom, or any woman, in your life

Looking to gift a mom in your life? Here’s a thoughtful way to show you care about the well-being of someone who likely does so much for the people around them. Let them choose what would nourish them most with a beeya gift card.